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Radar 2017 – Insights for insurance leaders

Taylor Fry is pleased to present this year’s Radar: Insights for insurance leaders. We produce Radar annually so senior strategic thinkers at insurance companies are well placed to tackle the years ahead. This year, for the first time, we offer our opinion on the New Zealand insurance landscape (coinciding with the opening of our Wellington office in 2016).

Radar 2017 offers our unique perspective on the issues we predict will feature in 2017 and beyond:

• Regulation update – Insurers urged to prepare and protect
• With (cyber) risk comes opportunities
• Big data, big responsibilities – the latest on privacy guidelines
• Fighting fire with fire – sophisticated fraud schemes call for a sophisticated response
• Survival of the fittest – innovation spells adaptation for insurers

Radar 2017 also looks back at industry performance in the 2016 financial year, and provides analysis on the eight major classes of insurance.

If you would like a hard copy of Radar 2017, please email radar@taylorfry.com.au.

Published 31/03/17

February 2017: Beat the Geek Tipping Competitions

The footy season’s fast approaching and we’re once again running our AFL and NRL Beat the Geek competitions, where tipsters have the chance to pit their skills against the expert modelling capability of one of Australia’s premier actuarial and analytics firms.

Published 27/02/17

November 2016: NZ Newsletter

The Taylor Fry newsletter from the 20th biennial conference of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries (November 2016) including crossword solutions.

Published 25/11/16

October 2016: Melbourne Cup Newsletter

We’ve created the definitive guide to taking a punt in the Melbourne Cup.

Published 31/10/16

November 2015: Melbourne Cup Newsletter

How time flies! It’s Melbourne Cup time again. Can our models predict the Cup’s 155th winner?

Published 02/11/15

November 2014: Melbourne Cup Edition

Last year our analytics team successfully predicted the winning horse for the Melbourne Cup. Can our models do it again? Here are our latest tips.

Published 03/11/14

October 2014: Beat the Geek End of Season wrap-up

Beat the Geek has once again been run and won. Congratulations to Stephen for taking out first place in the AFL tipping competition, and Scott for taking out first place in the NRL tipping competition. The models performed well again this year (despite some forgetful tipping), with all but one of them finishing in the top 12% of both AFL and NRL competitions. The models were overhauled for the 2014 season and we will be furiously refining them over the offseason to make them better than ever for the 2015 Beat the Geek.

Find out more about our tipping models from Graham Taylor or Josh Jaroudy.

Published 31/10/14

June 2014: Football World Cup 2014

Taylor Fry’s predictions for the soccer world cup. Will this be win number six for Brazil? What about the Socceroos?

Published 06/06/14

November 2013: Melbourne Cup Edition

The Melbourne Cup is just a day away! Before dressing up and placing your bets, Taylor Fry has done the maths on the race that stops a nation.

Published 04/11/13

October 2013: Beat the Geek End of Season wrap-up

Beat the Geek has once again been run and won. Congratulations to John for taking out first place in the AFL tipping competition, and Wayne for taking out first place in the NRL tipping competition. The models performed well again this year, with the exception of one, finishing in the top 15% of both AFL and NRL competitions. We will be furiously refining the models over the offseason and they will be better than ever for the 2014 Beat the Geek.

Published 30/09/13

April 2013: NDIS Update

We provide an update on the current status of the National Disability Insurance Scheme – now known as DisabilityCare Australia – following the amendments made to the legislation as it was passed by both houses of parliament.

Published 01/05/13

January 2013: NDIS Update

In this month’s newsletter we provide an update on the latest issues surrounding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (“NDIS”) and identify the key issues relevant to the insurance sector.

Published 10/01/13

February 2012: APRA Capital Standards Update – Time for Action on APRA Changes

In this edition of the Taylor Fry newsletter we bring you up to speed on important developments in the APRA Capital Standards Review. What are the upcoming requirements of the ICAAP, the ICRC and the composition of capital base? And how can you act now to prepare for the January 2013 changes?

Published 24/02/12

August 2011: Focus NZ: Prospects on the horizon

In this Focus NZ edition of Taylor Fry Newsletter we turn the TF spotlight on recent developments in the New Zealand insurance market. The new prudential regime in NZ is now well under way. Is the financial condition report (a key element of the new NZ regime and well established in the Australian insurance regime) more compliance, or can it become an invaluable management tool? We also look at the Work Account of the Accident Compensation Corporation (“ACC”) of New Zealand. The NZ Government has been exploring ways to open up the workplace accident compensation account to private insurers. Is the ACC a golden opportunity? And if it is, how can you make the most of it?

Published 07/08/11

August 2011: APRA Capital Standards Update

How did APRA respond to industry feedback on its proposals? What might this mean for you?

Published 07/08/11

August 2011: Rugby World Cup 2011

Kick-off is now nigh and we’ve succumbed to the fever by taking a tilt at rugby tipping. Putting our trusty models to work we’ve asked: Can the All Blacks turn off the choke and take glory? Or will the Wallabies beat the odds and bring the coveted cup to Aus?

Published 07/08/11

February 2011: Navigating The APRA Capital Standards Review – Preparing now for what lies ahead

The results of the recent QIS suggest that APRA’s new Capital Standards will have a significant impact on the size and composition of the prudential capital requirements for most insurers. APRA is in the process of revising its proposals. Here at Taylor Fry we’ve continued to follow these developments and their potential impacts on general insurers closely. In this second of our APRA Update special editions, we identify the potential impacts of the Capital Standards review on your business, and suggest a range of ideas to mitigate these impacts.

Published 07/02/11

December 2010: The latest APRA NCPD stats – what they tell you about your PL and PI claim risks

The latest statistics on Public Liability (PL) and Professional Indemnity (PI) from the National Claims and Policies Data Base were released by APRA a few months ago. In this edition of the Taylor Fry newsletter we take a quick look at what we consider to be the most important insights for insurers working with PL and PI claims.

Published 07/12/10

August 2010: The APRA capital update – what does it mean for you?

At Taylor Fry, we recognise that the proposed changes to capital standards are likely to result in significant changes to capital requirements for many of you. In light of this, we encourage you to start the work of understanding the potential impacts now, so that you can mitigate any adverse impacts – or capitalise on any positive ones.

Published 07/08/10

July 2010: FIFA World Cup 2010 wrap up – how well did the Taylor Fry model perform?

As predicted by Taylor Fry simulations, Spain wins the World Cup! But how well did the Taylor Fry model perform in simulating group stage points and progression through the knockout stages? Please click on the above link for more information.

Published 02/07/10

June 2010: Taylor Fry crunches the numbers on the FIFA World Cup 2010

Here at Taylor Fry, we have applied our cutting edge modelling techniques to give you an insider’s guide to each nation’s likelihood of World Cup glory. In our newsletter, we reveal that “our simulation only confirms what everyone is already guessing – that at 22%, Spain are our favourite to win the coveted golden globe”.

Published 01/06/10