Taylor Fry


Staying Green

Taylor Fry is committed to sustainable operation. We closely monitor our CO2 emissions, seeking to both reduce and offset them. In 2013, we attained 100% carbon neutrality over the lifetime of our firm (since 1999), having begun purchasing carbon credits in 2006.

In 2014, Taylor Fry achieved record low CO2 emissions (per full-time employee). In addition to benefiting from economies of scale, our sound performance in recent years has been due to actively pursuing good environmental practices. These include:

  • purchasing paper sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled waste;
  • recycling all paper, glass, plastic, tin, aluminium and ink cartridges in our offices;
  • encouraging staff to walk, cycle or catch public transport to work and external meetings.

2014 emissions and offsets

In 2014 Taylor Fry produced 278 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity, transport, air travel and paper use. We offset them by purchasing independently verified Voluntary Carbon Standard carbon credits, sponsoring the Tamil Nadu 45-Turbine Wind Project in India.