Taylor Fry



Taylor Fry’s mission is to develop world class, fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients’ analytical and actuarial goals and strategies. We deliver genuine value for money and build our solutions and relationships to last.

Client-focussed practical advice

We take time to understand your business, needs and objectives, and to create targeted solutions. We combine technical expertise with practical know-how to deliver best-practice solutions that help build resilient and successful businesses.

Real value

We believe in the value of what we do. We do our work well, we do it honestly and we do it thoroughly. We tell you the facts and explain the full implications for your business so that you can be sure you are making sound decisions.

Commitment to excellence

Our services and products are excellence-driven and we strive for best practice in everything that we do. We invest in our field and are at the forefront of research and knowledge development in our areas of expertise.

We invest in our staff by actively fostering a healthy work-life balance that makes our people happy, enthusiastic and committed.

A sustainable approach

We believe in creating things that last: in our relationships with our clients, the solutions we build for them, and the way we treat the planet.

Since 2006 Taylor Fry has been 100% carbon neutral. We purchase paper sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled waste. We recycle all paper, glass, plastic, tin, aluminium and ink cartridges in our offices.