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Julie Sims


About Julie

A former petroleum engineer and mathematical modeller, Julie has a doctorate in mathematics and a unique perspective on the insurance landscape.  After moving into general insurance 15 years ago, she was snapped up by Taylor Fry in 2007.

Julie’s clients appreciate her depth of experience and ability to create innovative actuarial solutions. Recently, she implemented more flexible reserving methods that better reflect the reality of constantly changing conditions in insurance. She also developed the software to make the application of these methods quicker and more practical for her clients.

Julie is the ‘go-to’ person when your issue is a bit out of the ordinary. She’s always ready to try new techniques to crack difficult problems.


Insurance Liability Valuation

Julie has performed outstanding claims valuations and peer reviews of a number of lines, including medical malpractice reinsurance, workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

Julie was a key member of the team designing the user interface, documentation and modelling methods for Insureware’s software for valuation and pricing of long-tailed liabilities. She was also responsible for product quality and for providing a quick turnaround on support to clients.

Statistical Modelling

Julie has performed statistical analysis of electricity market data to support a change to market regulations.  She has developed statistical models of workers’ compensation accident data to produce a severity measure for classifying injuries, so that the scheme can prioritise the allocation of resources.

Julie was awarded one of the Actuaries Institute grants for research in 2009 for a project to assist insurers with monitoring risk margins, and presented the results to the General Insurance conference. She was awarded another Actuaries Institute grant jointly with Gráinne McGuire in 2013 to test and develop robotic reserving techniques further.


  • Seeing the Bigger Picture in Claims Reserving, by Julie Sims, General Insurance Seminar of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia 2012.
  • Evolutionary Reserving Models – Are Particle Filters the Way to Go?, by Julie Sims, presented to the GIRO conference 2011.
  • Risk Margin Monitoring, by Julie Sims. Presented to the General Insurance Seminar of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia 2010.
  • The Analysis and Estimation of Loss & ALAE Variability: A Summary Report, by Roger Hayne et al. for a Working Party on Quantifying Variability in Reserve Estimates of the Casualty Actuarial Society 2005.
  • Will Your Next Reserve Increase Be Your Last by Ben Zehnwirth, Julie Sims and Mark Shapland. Contingencies 2004.



(03) 9658 2305 | Melbourne


Areas of expertise

  • Insurance Liability Valuation
  • Statistical Modelling
  • GI Technical Pricing and Optimisation


  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia since 2012
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, Oxford University (1981)
  • Master of Science in Statistics, Monash University (2004)
  • Master of Science in Mathematics, The University of Melbourne (1977)
  • Bachelor of Science Hons in Physics and Mathematics, The University of Melbourne (1975)