Our People

Adrian Gould

Adrian has spent more than 30 years advising governments and the private sector. His work has informed legislation and helped establish lifetime care schemes

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Alan Greenfield

Alan operates across a range of practice areas. He co-founded Taylor Fry, initiated our position on sustainability and was Actuary of the Year in 2015

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Anna Cohen

Anna has worked in health analytics and modelling for more than 10 years. She holds a PhD in mathematical modelling of cardiovascular disease

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Ash Evans

Ash leads actuarial and analytics projects to benefit society and business. He advises the public and corporate sectors, including large insurers, telcos and airlines

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Ben Locke

Ben specialises in government analytics and stakeholder engagement. His research includes projects on child protection, welfare and social impact investment

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Daniel Smith

Daniel draws on 25 years in general insurance and injury schemes. He has advised government and was president of the Actuaries Institute

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Daniel Stoner

Dan’s projects include modelling social outcomes for governments. He conducts valuations for welfare and social housing in New Zealand

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Darryl Frank

Darryl helps clients manage their long-term risks, specialising in projecting and monitoring the lifetime care needs for people catastrophically injured

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Gráinne McGuire

Grainne is a statistics expert, creating solutions that transform business. In the UK, she developed models using DNA data to analyse organisms such as HIV

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Hugh Miller

Hugh uses data to improve policy, mainly focusing on the social sector. He has won several awards and speaks regularly on issues in data analytics

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Jonathan Cohen

Backed by a PhD in computer science, Jonathan leads a range of advanced analytics projects, advising on strategy and engaging with stakeholders

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Josh Jaroudy

Josh specialises in data analytics and predictive modelling across a variety of industries, including insurance and aviation, and customer loyalty programs

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Kevin Gomes

Kevin is Appointed Actuary to six insurers/reinsurers. He co-authors the annual JP Morgan/Taylor Fry Barometer survey and presents at seminars

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Krisha Nagarajan

Krisha applies more than 10 years of advanced analytics experience in a range of technologies to help clients manage risk and set business plans

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Nelson Vasconcelos

Nelson consults to injury schemes, self-insurers and corporate general insurers, specialising in technical pricing

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Paul Driessen

Paul’s expertise is in injury schemes, advising schemes and regulators across CTP, workers compensation and people with catastrophic injuries

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Peter Mulquiney

Peter draws on his actuarial training and statistical research background, with a PhD in biochemistry, to help his analytics, social sector and injury schemes clients

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Peter Shevlin

Peter is a fraud analytics and investigations specialist in our Forensics practice. He has worked in intelligence for government in Australia and Germany

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Richard Brookes

Richard began our analytics practice, is primary actuary to regulators and has a PhD in maths. He has consulted in London, Hong Kong and New Zealand

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Ross Simmonds

Ross has more than 20 years of experience in pricing, reserving, strategy and analytics. He has held Appointed Actuary roles and works in Wellington

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Scott Duncan

Scott holds Appointed Actuary roles in general insurance. He presents regularly and is part of the Actuaries Institute royal commission working group

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Win-Li Toh

Win-Li is Appointed Actuary to several Australian and New Zealand insurers. She is a regular keynote speaker and facilitator for the insurance industry

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