Peter is a specialist in fraud analytics, intelligence and investigations, working alongside clients to identify suspicious activity and improve data processes.

As part of Taylor Fry’s Forensics practice, Peter and the team provide advisory services and develop analytics technology solutions. They enable the client to clearly see and make sense of the disparate data they capture – in its entirety. This fuller picture allows companies to identify and control their vulnerabilities more efficiently.

Previously, Peter led the fraud analysis team at Allianz Australia, and has worked in intelligence for federal government, based here and in Germany, leading investigations into terrorism and other matters of national security.

Peter’s Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours, Flinders University
  • Master of Fine Arts, York University, Canada
  • Graduate Diploma in German and European studies, York University, Canada

Peter Shevlin’s
Areas of Expertise

Peter Shevlin’s Areas of Expertise


Identify vulnerabilities and stay ahead of suspicious activity

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