Taylor Fry


Our Relationships

We actively cultivate long-term, close, trusting relationships with our clients, assisting them through growth and change over time. We take great satisfaction in providing practical, relevant and customised advice that is informed by our long-term experience and understanding of our clients’ business and culture. This is a win-win for our clients and for us.

Our clients

Our analytics clients include government departments and businesses in the insurance, banking, telecommunications, retail, aviation and energy sectors. Our actuarial clients range from insurers, self-insurers and reinsurers to accident compensation schemes and government departments.

We are proud that many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade, either as a firm or individually.


We take our clients’ confidentiality very seriously. For example, when we perform highly commercially sensitive work, such as pricing strategy and portfolio optimisation, we prefer to only act for one company in each industry sector.

Personalised service

Our clients receive a personalised service from a dedicated lead actuary, backed up by a highly capable team. As a client, you have a single ongoing point of contact with one Taylor Fry consultant who knows your history and your goals, builds a relationship with you over time and adds value to the partnership. This means we are quick on our feet and responsive to requests for non-standard solutions, rapid delivery and changes in approach.


Our clients are enthusiastic about the quality of our work and the way we work with them. We are happy to provide testimonials.

Speak with a Taylor Fry consultant specialising in your industry to discuss how we can help your business.

Industry specialists:

Industry Contacts
Insurers Kevin Gomes Win-Li Toh
Reinsurers Kevin Gomes Scott Duncan
Injury Schemes Paul Driessen Richard Brookes
Self-Insurers Win-Li Toh Paul Driessen
Expert Witness Kevin Gomes Daniel Smith
Government Adrian Gould Alan Greenfield
Telecommunications, Aviation and Retail Alan Greenfield Richard Brookes
Banking Jonathan Cohen Richard Brookes
Social Sector Alan Greenfield Hugh Miller
Energy Alan Greenfield