Taylor Fry



We provide the full range of general insurance actuarial services to business and government. Our consultants have a wealth of experience acting as Appointed Actuaries and Principal Advisers for:

  • Insurers and reinsurers of all sizes, from small specialist monoline insurers to large multi-brand conglomerates
  • Accident compensation schemes, including state and federal workers’ compensation and compulsory third party schemes
  • Large companies that self-insure their workers’ compensation liabilities in a variety of sectors
  • Courts of Law, where we act as Expert Witnesses on all aspects of insurance and accident compensation.

Our services include:

  • Reliable, integrated and practical insurance liability valuation processes – ranging from the provision of independent advice for small and self-insurers to working in collaboration with large insurers to design and implement in-house valuation processes
  • Customised capital models that allow our clients to determine optimum capital management strategies fit for today’s complex environment
  • Financial condition reports that provide genuine insight into our clients’ operations and provide recommendations to reduce significant risks to their ongoing viability
  • Budgeting and monitoring tools that deliver genuine insight, allowing our clients to stay one step ahead as they identify and address underlying performance issues as they arise
  • Rigorously researched, practical advice for policy analysis and scheme design and improvement
  • Technical pricing and optimisation for insurers looking to maximise the value of their portfolio
  • Self-insurance advice that delivers fast, effective and well organised management information, to enable early intervention and provide opportunity for cost savings
  • A range of courses and workshops aimed to assist in the management and direction of your business
  • Data visualisation tools that provide clear insight into your business performance.