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Insurance Liability Valuation

A reliable valuation process is critical for insurance companies, accident compensation schemes and self-insurers because it directly impacts on profitability, solvency, capital and future pricing. Taylor Fry’s breadth of market experience and technical expertise means that we design optimum valuation processes delivering business-wide benefits. Our valuation services range from the provision of outside expertise for small and self-insurers, to working in-house with large insurers to design and implement valuation processes and to transfer any necessary skills to your staff.

A process not a product

Reliable valuations are process orientated, delivering their outputs in a way that provides valuable insight into the business. We ensure the valuation is operating optimally by working closely with our clients to establish processes that are:

  • Efficient: our valuations use internal and external resources to extract the greatest understanding and insight into the claims activity for the least cost
  • Reliable: our processes include a robust data integrity and assurance regime, and deliver results in time for statutory reporting and to identify trends in time for management to respond
  • Integrated: we build processes that link seamlessly with company systems, financial accounting, reporting frameworks and the planning and budgeting process.

Taylor Fry’s valuation processes provide you with user-friendly outputs including clearly communicated operational insights. We ensure your team understands the full potential of the valuation processes we develop so that they continue to be useful to your company operations into the future.

Case study

A major Australian insurer recently asked Taylor Fry to develop an adaptive reserving approach that would allow them to undertake interim valuations during the year, within a minimum of resource allocation. Our purpose-built model used comprehensive and insightful diagnostics to ensure that this client has an appropriate valuation basis, allowing them to identify when additional analysis is required, and, equally importantly, when it is not.

We make sure your reserving is working intelligently

Taylor Fry’s extensive experience with insurance liability valuation allows us to help clients decide which of the many valuation processes is most appropriate for them. Our depth of technical expertise allows us to tailor this process to each client’s unique business needs. Whether you need a simple deterministic method, such as the chain ladder approach, a statistical method such as Generalised Linear Models (GLMs), or cutting edge stochastic approaches including dynamic GLMs, we work with you to develop a process that brings business-wide benefit.


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