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Performance Benchmarking

See where your business stands with TaylorVision

TaylorVision transforms your APRA report into a business insight tool that allows you to benchmark your company’s performance over time and within the wider insurance industry.

TaylorVision is delivered to you promptly after you complete your APRA quarterly returns and requires no extra effort on your part.

A useful snapshot of your position in the industry

TaylorVision uses the data you generate for your quarterly APRA report to build a tool that has multiple business benefits. It’s an intuitive visualisation, which makes it the most effective way to understand your company’s data. There is lots of flexibility to explore different aspects of industry-wide insurer performance and trends.

With TaylorVision it’s easy to:

  • Build a clear picture of the market, your position in it and your portfolio performance
  • Track your performance and emerging trends over time, individually and relative to the industry
  • Gain a useful visual snapshot of performance measures including gross or net loss ratios, combined ratios and expenses ratios by class or across the industry
  • Communicate key messages to Board Members and other non-industry stakeholders about your performance, in a visually engaging format
  • Customise the report to foreground the information that matters to your business
  • Gain secure access for all your business users to keep everyone in the picture
  • Compare your capital adequacy with the industry
  • Drill down to the components that drive results
  • Free up time to address issues and add value instead of processing data.

Help your key stakeholders see clearly

TaylorVision graphics cut through for both technical and non-technical audiences. Having a visual snapshot of your company’s ongoing performance is invaluable when you need to get across a simple message to stakeholders such as Board Members, partners, clients, industry regulators, government agencies and industry colleagues. Our intuitive ‘point and click’ interface allows all levels of management and analysts to explore the data in their own ways.

Track your financial performance and capital adequacy

TaylorVision comprises two datasets presented as visually compelling graphics.

Capital adequacy

To understand capital adequacy, the key ratio is the prescribed capital amount (PCA) or solvency ratio. Our TaylorVision graphic shows how much eligible capital insurers hold over the absolute minimum regulatory requirement. You can drill down to see the PCA disaggregated into different risk charges. Compare your company with the whole industry to see how your coverage ratio looks over time.

Financial performance

This graphic captures key performance measures, including gross or net loss ratios, combined ratios and expense ratios, by class or across the industry, for your company alone or benchmarked against all other licensed insurers sharing the same mix of business.

You are just a click away from viewing industry-wide or insurer-specific statistics, or a comparison between the two. You can select the business classes you want to see either in aggregate or individually.

Bespoke Data Visualisation Tools with TaylorVision

Taylor Fry has built a reputation for creating and delivering innovative, reliable solutions for the insurance industry. Our TaylorVision tool has the capacity to offer much more than APRA benchmarking.

Our portfolio monitoring tool is designed to let you easily identify and respond to issues that arise, so you can manage your portfolio even better. Use it to analyse performance at a high level, or drill down into a deep analysis to uncover trends or drivers.

Our forecast monitoring tool allows you to closely monitor the performance of your business against budgets, targets, benchmarks or actuarial forecasts to avoid surprises at valuation time.


Our brochure for TaylorVision is available here.

Free demonstration

Contact us to experience a ‘live’ demonstration of the suite of TaylorVision tools: we welcome the opportunity to show you and your team how TaylorVision can help you measure and monitor your business so you can deliver better results.


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