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Training and Education

Taylor Fry has developed a range of courses aimed to assist in the management and direction of your business. Our courses focus on enhancing value through facilitating a greater understanding of emerging issues and key metrics. The courses we have developed to date cover:

  • Reserving and pricing: Are you a relatively new Board with limited insurance experience, and would like training to cover the basics of reserving and pricing?
  • Implications of the National Disability Insurance scheme: Are your claims, underwriting and actuarial teams ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Can you identify the key risks facing your business and potential opportunities?
  • Understanding insurance metrics: Is your team across all the key financial information of insurance companies, the areas of concern and potential prudential implications?
  • Market trends and regulatory updates: As a management team, how do we keep up with the latest developments in the insurance market and changing regulation?
  • Interpreting catastrophe risk model output: As a Board, how do we go about interpreting the outcomes of various catastrophe models and what questions should we ask to understand the risks to the business?
  • Technical courses: Does your team need training in the fitting of pricing or reserving models? Or do you need to be up to date in the latest techniques in analytics?

Depending on your needs, our courses run from two-hour workshops to two-day training courses. Past attendees of our courses include insurance professionals, Boards, executive management, regulators, claims managers, actuaries, underwriters and portfolio managers. The courses targeted at Boards qualify for DPD (directors’ professional development) hours for attendees.

Our Approach

Our courses are specifically tailored to individual client’s needs and aims. Our courses are interactive, and involve participants, mostly working in teams, being engaged in and finding solutions for a number of case studies. This means attendees are better equipped with the knowledge and tools to capitalise on future opportunities and better address emerging issues. The material delivered is practical, clear and concise.

In constructing a course for your business we would:

  • Firstly, discuss with you what you aim to get out of the course and the key areas you’d like us to focus on.
  • Secondly, we would ascertain the level of background knowledge and understanding of the attendees. In addition, we’d seek to gauge what course format would work best.
  • Thirdly, we’d examine practical examples from your business to incorporate these in the course. To illustrate, for the NDIS workshop we would request in advance samples of your claims data; in this way, the case studies would show how claims behaviour may change under the NDIS and how this may impact your business.

What our clients say

On the ‘NDIS workshop’ – “We were impressed by the NDIS workshop that Taylor Fry ran for our staff. The course was specifically tailored to our needs, which helped us to think through how the changes to the disability landscape would affect our company.”

Chief Underwriting Manager, Major Insurer

On the ‘financial analysis of general insurance companies’ – “Many thanks to Taylor Fry for a great course. The team really enjoyed it and learnt lots.”

Manager Insurance Policy Oversight, Insurance Regulator


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