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Knowing your customers is key to improving your efficiency and maximising your profits. Taylor Fry specialises in building tailor-made tools to mine your customer data and extract invaluable fact-based intelligence into customer characteristics and behaviour. We work closely with you to analyse this information and to create models with long-lasting benefits for your business planning and performance.

We understand that it is critical for our clients to own and master these models. We work closely with your team to ensure you can master and continue to utilise these models to generate ongoing insights into your business.

Increased understanding = increased efficiency and profitability

State-of-the-art analytical solutions add great value to our clients’ businesses. We use our extensive market experience and technical expertise to collaborate with you to convert your understanding of your business into effective goal-orientated models that will improve your business management and profitability.

We build customised models to help you base your customer relationships on objective facts and rigorous analysis in the following ways.

  • Portfolio segmentation – Identify your most profitable clients. This can be difficult and the answer is sometimes unexpected. Our fact-based models allow you to define and manage the most profitable and least profitable groups of customers within your portfolios. Additionally, our models enable you to manage each subgroup to maximise your overall profitability.
  • Channel management – Understand the profitability of the customers you acquire through each marketing or distribution channel.
  • Churn modelling and retention management – Identify how long a customer is likely to stay with you and how they will react to price changes.
  • Customer revenue and lifetime value projections – Predict the likely profit stream that will be derived from each customer throughout their lifetime.
  • Cross-sell – Predict the likely response of your customer groups to various marketing campaigns, and maximise the penetration and effectiveness of your cross-selling campaigns.
  • Cause/effect analysis – Find the answers to valuable questions on the drivers of customer behaviour, including identifying the triggers to selling opportunities, how to influence customer decisions and how to keep them from leaving.

Our models allow you to check your assumptions and intuitions and optimise the efficiency and profitability of your business planning and customer management.

Customised models that deliver genuine insights

Taylor Fry uses the latest data mining and statistical tools. We are constantly researching ways to enhance our analytical solutions.

The choice of statistical method is driven by the project aims, business structure and data availability.  Each business has its own unique features and challenges, and our expertise allows us to build customised models to provide deep insight and deliver long-term value.


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