Taylor Fry




Our Forensics practice combines industry-leading analytics with forensics expertise to help insurers, regulators, government and other private sector clients to identify process inefficiencies and take control of nefarious forms of financial loss.

We have a comprehensive approach to risk management – focusing on prevention, detection and mitigation of risk.

We help our clients

  • Reduce exposure to risk through pre-emptive measures
  • Manage vulnerabilities and inefficiencies at an operational level
  • Design and implement solutions and recommendations

Our services include

Risk Reviews
  • Identification and assessment of key risks, process and control vulnerabilities
  • Provision of advice to mitigate and deter risk
Data quality assessments
  • Data suitability assessments for analytics projects
  • Recommendations to enhance data quality
Analytics projects
  • Identification and management of known and unknown risks using data mining techniques
  • Training and knowledge transfer
Technology solutions
  • Pre-emptive risk identification through risk scoring
  • Analytics-driven business insights dashboards


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