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Many of Australia’s leading corporations use self-insurance as a cost-effective means of managing risk. Taylor Fry has significant experience in helping self-insured clients to make optimal decisions about retaining insurable risks. Our clients include self-insurers of workers’ compensation, public liability, fleet motor, property and medical indemnity risks.

Our comprehensive services to self-insurers include:

  • Liability valuations – Our analysis and reports provide insights into claims cost-drivers and trends, doing more than just meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. Our conclusions are expressed in operationally meaningful terms that create the opportunity to achieve better outcomes from our clients’ decision to self-insure.
  • Self-insurance impact assessments – We compare the financial consequences of purchase of insurance programs and self-insurance. This includes advice about capital implications and profit volatility as well as opportunities for cost reduction and claim management efficiencies.
  • Claims monitoring systems – Our claim monitoring systems provide fast, effective and well organised management information, delivered on an easy-to-use, browser-based platform. This enables clients to take swift action to identify and investigate anomalies and significant trends. The information will often direct early intervention, which is the key to making substantial cost savings.
  • Cost allocation advice – We assist self-insurers to develop approaches to the allocation of costs to business sub-segments, that provide durable incentives to improve risk management practices that benefit shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Our commitment to you

Taylor Fry’s commitment to research means that you are kept abreast of market developments and the risks and opportunities they present.

Our approach is service-oriented and tailored to meet your specific needs. We seek to understand your business and your risk preferences, and to work collaboratively with you as an integral part of your team.

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