Hugh joined Taylor Fry in 2006, working on various actuarial and analytics projects. He now focuses mainly on the social sector, using data to improve policy.

As part of the team performing annual modelling of the New Zealand welfare system, Hugh helped provide government a long-term view to understand disadvantage and the effects of reforms over time.

Hugh has won several awards, including the University of Melbourne Chancellor’s prize for his PhD on high-dimensional data, and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Brian Hey prize 2018.

He is a regular speaker on data analytics and the issues facing business, government and society.

Hugh’s Qualifications
  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
  • Bachelor of Science Honours, Sydney University
  • PhD in Statistics, Melbourne University

Hugh Miller’s
Areas of Expertise

Hugh Miller’s Areas of Expertise


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

Corporate Analytics

Own and master industry-leading data solutions through a creative partnership

Injury Schemes

Considered advice and analytics for sustainable schemes

Health and Disability

Make data-driven decisions to improve systems and services

Articles by
Hugh Miller

Articles by Hugh Miller

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