Taylor Fry


About Us

Taylor Fry was established in 1999 by actuaries Greg Taylor, Martin Fry and Alan Greenfield to provide straightforward general insurance actuarial advice to insurers and government.

They were driven by a shared goal: to create a culture where individuals felt valued. This meant shared rewards instead of financial incentives to compete, and encouraging questioning and curiosity. In this environment actuarial excellence could thrive.

Today, those original ideals remain the template for our business, as we continue to expand. In addition to actuarial advice, our consultancy now offers analytics, forensics and modelling services to a diverse range of public and private sector clients in a supportive, accountable workplace.

Our people are data enthusiasts who take pride in the quality of their work, discovering patterns in data and interpreting the most meaningful of these to help our clients, communities and society. We actively consider our broader impact and are proudly carbon neutral.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington.