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About Ash

Ash specialises in personal lines technical pricing and optimisation. Since joining Taylor Fry in 2008, he has created solutions for both traditional actuarial work and advanced analytics projects.

Highly competent in programming and statistics and enthusiastic about solving problems, Ash enjoys collaborating with clients so that they understand the processes and own the outcomes of their projects. His clients value his skills at transferring advanced modelling skills and practical know-how to their internal actuarial and analytics teams.

Recently Ash completed a world’s best practice pricing project for a major insurer. This required extensive data mining, predictive modelling and a deep understanding of the dynamics and constraints of the insurance marketplace and products.


Prior to working at Taylor Fry, Ash lectured in Financial Mathematics at the University of Melbourne whilst completing his PhD, and was also a consultant at AM Actuaries.

At Taylor Fry, Ash has worked on a variety of actuarial and analytics projects:

Insurance Liability Valuation

Ash has undertaken valuation work for both Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation schemes, and multi-line commercial insurers, where he has applied his knowledge of actuarial methods and modelling skills in order to develop appropriate practical solutions for each business.

Customer Insights and GI Technical Pricing and Optimisation

Ash has been involved with a number of analytics projects involving data preparation, predictive modelling and model interpretation, including:

  • Developing statistical case estimate models to determine the lifetime cost of claimants for a workers’ compensation scheme.
  • Building new and renewing customer behaviour models for premium optimisation for a major Australian insurer’s personal lines.
  • Building a “world’s best” pricing model for a major Australian insurer, including oversight of the processing and manipulation of a very-large data library and modelling the insurer’s risk. In addition, Ash helped develop the insurer’s internal capabilities in advanced modelling.


  • An Examination of Rating Through the Cycle by Ash Evans, Financial Services Seminar of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia Financial Services 2008
  • Survival Models for Predicting Firm Failure, by Ash Evans Global Best Practices in ERM for Insurers and Reinsurers 2008
  • A Relative Approach to Measuring Firm Riskiness, by Ash Evans, Biennial Convention of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia Biennial Convention 2007.



(02) 9249 2923 | Sydney


Areas of expertise

  • GI Technical Pricing and Optimisation
  • Customer Insights
  • Insurance Liability Valuation


  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia since 2011
  • Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary since 2011
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Actuarial Mathematics), University of Melbourne (2008)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Actuarial Studies), University of Melbourne (2004)