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About Peter

An actuary with a degree in science and a PhD in biochemistry, Peter has been a valued consultant with Taylor Fry since 2003. His projects range from liability valuation and premium estimation for workers’ compensation schemes to managing large special projects in collaboration with insurers.

Peter takes pride in delivering large and difficult projects on time and on budget. His clients appreciate his direct and open approach and his combination of big picture vision and great attention to detail.

Peter recently managed a large joint Taylor Fry and client team to deliver a major pricing project providing state-of-the-art motor pricing techniques to a major Australian insurer.


Prior to joining Taylor Fry in 2003, and after completing his PhD, Peter was awarded the highly competitive CJ Martin Research Fellowship by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, which he undertook at the University of Oxford. During this Fellowship he developed computer models of the normal and diseased heart in order to identify suitable patients for drug therapy.

Since joining Taylor Fry, Peter has applied his statistical modelling skills to develop innovative and practical solutions for insurers and accident compensation schemes.

GI Technical Pricing and Optimisation

Peter recently led the implementation of price optimisation for the personal lines portfolios across multiple brands for a major Australian Insurer. Managed by Peter, the team developed models of customer demand and price elasticity for home and motor insurance products. These models were then used to predict the effect of price changes on portfolio volumes and to optimise the trade-off between profit and volume.

Portfolio and Resource Optimisation

Peter has developed a triage models to help with resource prioritisation in a workers’ compensation portfolio in order to direct the client’s resources to those customers that were most likely to benefit from management attention.

Insurance Liability Valuation

Peter has performed the liability valuation and premium estimation for Comcare and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. He has also prepared Insurance Liability Valuation Reports for various insurers and reinsurers.

Peter has also designed and implemented a statistical monitoring system to monitor the emergence of claims experience for an insurer.


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(02) 9249 2909 | Sydney


Areas of expertise

  • GI Technical Pricing and Optimisation
  • Portfolio and Resource Optimisation
  • Insurance Liability Valuation


Peter's professional and academic qualifications are:
  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia since 2008
  • PhD in Biochemistry, University of Sydney (1998)
  • Masters of Commerce (Actuarial Studies), University of NSW (2005)
  • Bachelor of Science Honours, University of Sydney (1994)