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Financial Condition Reports

A good Financial Condition Report allows management to consider an insurer’s performance and outlook on a holistic basis. We use our familiarity and understanding of our clients’ business to make sure that Financial Condition Reports provide genuine insight. Taylor Fry reports also include recommendations to address less-than-optimal aspects of a client’s operations and identify significant risks to ongoing viability.

More than just a compliance document

Your Financial Condition Report allows the Board and management to understand and exploit your company’s strengths and to address the weaknesses in any controls or processes. The report includes a comprehensive review of the:

  • drivers of recent profitability
  • quality of the current balance sheet
  • pricing and underwriting systems
  • suitability of the reinsurance program and risk management systems
  • current and projected capital and solvency positions.

Case study 1: deteriorating loss ratios

During the preparation of a recent Financial Condition Report for an Australian insurer, Taylor Fry identified that our client lacked the tools to understand the source of recent deteriorating loss ratios.  We recommended and designed a customised monitoring tool that assisted our client to identify and directly respond to the source of the poor performance.

Case study 2: new management team

A regulator had indicated to the Board of an insurer that it was concerned with changes in management and recent experience.  Our report provided comfort to the Board and the regulator by comprehensively and objectively describing the improvements in the business processes implemented by the new management team, as well as the resulting improvement in the risk profile and outlook for projected solvency.

We make sure you get the most out of your Financial Condition Report

Our hands-on approach means that we are well placed to add value to your report. We are directly familiar with your data and experience over time and are able to provide relevant, informed and timely commentary. Our Appointed Actuaries develop a close working relationship with your management and staff and can respond quickly to requests for advice throughout the year.


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